How to Display Text in Malayalam

Sometimes you see garbage character like Square Boxes, Question Mark Sign, etc. On screen instead of Malayalam characters. This is very often happened on Malayalam content websites like - Malayalam News websites or any other website that have Malayalam content on it.  

To be able to see Malayalam Content there are some requirements your computer should fulfil in order to display Malayalam Text Properly. 1. Your system Must have Malayalam Fonts (Unicode Malayalam Fonts), and Malayalam Language Pack (in Windows 7,8,10 it already installed with Operating System), But in older windows version like windows 95, 98, 2000, XP you have to installed it manually from Windows CD.


Problem 1. Malayalam content Not displaying on MS-Word etc Application

Solution : Install Malayalam Unicode fonts on your computer system. If you are using older windows OS like 95, 98, 2000, or XP then you have to install Malayalam Language pack also. See how to install Malayalam font if don't know. 

Problem 2. Malayalam Content not saved in Notepad etc. Application

Solution: When you try to save Malayalam content on Notepad, WordPad or some other application you didn't see Malayalam characters when you open the file again. Instead you see - Question marks, Blocks or garbage characters. Now see how to save Unicode Malayalam Text on Notepad. Just create a Notepad file on your computer and type some Malayalam Text and instead of click on save option, click on save as option, When Save As dialogue open select Unicode in Encoding option. See the below image:

 save Malayalam in notepad

Problem 3. Malayalam Content Not Display Properly on Google Chrome

Solution: Sometimes you will see Questions marks, blocks or garbage character instead of Malayalam characters on Google chrome. The reason is Character encoding. You have to set character Encoding UTF-8 to see Malayalam Text properly on web browsers.

See the below instructions to set Google Chrome Encoding

1. Click on Setting option at right top corner -> More Tools -> Encoding -> Select UTF-8 , see the below image-


Setting Chracter Encoding in Google chrome


Problem 4: Malayalam content not displayed on Mozilla Firefox Browser

Solution: Make sure you have Malayalam Unicode font like Karthii, Akhshar etc. on your computer system. Click on right corner in Mozilla Firefox browser, you will a tool list will open select customise as given in below image.


Setting Chracter Encoding in Mozilla Firefox


1. Click on Customise Option, it will open a new tab, you will Text Encoding Option. Right click on Text Encoding Option 

Setting Chracter Encoding in Mozilla Firefox1

2. You can add it in Toolbar or Menu (A symbol of text encoding will appear in menu bar). After that click on Text Encoding and Choose Unicode Encoding. Now you see garbage text in Malayalam.