Malayalam Fonts

Malayalam is the language of Keral or Kerala State in India. Here we are providing you font for type in Malayalam - മലയാള ഫോണ്ട്, by downloading and installing the Malayalam fonts you will be able to type in Malayalam in your computer system in stylish manner like a pro. Click on link given below to download Malayalam font free.


A. ISCII Malayalam Fonts (Non Unicode)

Non Unicode Malayalam fonts are most popular fonts for typing in Malayalam language. Just install font in your system and start typing. Download most useful Malayalam font ttf font in zip for typing in Malayalam scripts. Click on below link to download fonts:

Live view and Download 123+ Malayalam Fonts

  1. Free Download Malayalam font Manorama
  2. Free Download Malayalam font Karthika
  3. Free Download Malayalam font Deepa
  4. Free Download Malayalam font Kerala
  5. Free Download Malayalam font Gaytri
  6. Free Download Malayalam font Janaranjani
  7. Free Download Malayalam Font Aruna
  8. Free Download Malayalam Font Haritha

  9. Free Download Malayalam Font Indu No1
  10. Free Download Malayalam Font Jacob
  11. Free Download Malayalam Font Jacobs Mal Graphic1
  12. Free Download Malayalam Font Jacobs Mal Graphic2
  13. Free Download Malayalam Font Jacobs Mal medium
  14. Free Download Malayalam Font Jacobs Mal Ramzan
  15. Free Download Malayalam Font Jacobs Mal Script3
  16. Free Download Malayalam Font Jacobs Mal Script4 
  17. Free Download Malayalam Font Jacobs Mal Stars
  18. Free Download Malayalam Font Jacobs Mal Zebra
  19. Free Download Malayalam Font Jwala
  20. Free Download Malayalam Font Kalakaumudi

  21. Free Download Malayalam Font Keralite
  22. Free Download Malayalam Font Matweb
  23. Free Download Malayalam Font ML Dot
  24. Free Download Malayalam Font ML High
  25. Free Download Malayalam Font ML Kairali
  26. Free Download Malayalam Font ML Kaumudi
  27. Free Download Malayalam Font ML Prakash
  28. Free Download Malayalam Font ML Rani
  29. Free Download Malayalam Font ML SRE 5
  30. Free Download Malayalam Font Thoolika
  31. Free Download Malayalam Font Salilam

Malayalam Font Alt + Character Code

B. Malayalam Unicode Fonts

Type in MS Word with the help of Unicode Font - മലയാള യൂണികോഡ് ഫോണ്ട്, Website that providing content in Malayalam Language are typed in Unicode Malayalam font. Unicode font is useful to read and write Malayalam anywhere on internet. you can read Malayalam font websites and newspaper also with Unicode Malayalam font. To be able to type in Malayalam Unicode fonts we have install specialized Malayalam Typing Software also.

1. Click Here To Download Unicode Malayalam Font

2. Unicode Kartika Regular Malayalam Font Download

3. Unicode Kartika Bold Malayalam Font Download

Live view & Download All Malayalam Unicode Fonts

Read Malayalam Font Installation instruction for Windows operating system.

Difference Between ISCII and Unicode Malayalam font ?

There are two types of Malayalam fonts the first one is ISCII Malayalam fonts which are traditional fonts commonly used for Malayalam Typing from the arrival of computers in India. ISCII Malayalam font have their own Character encoding. To be able to view content typed with ISCII Malayalam fonts we need the particular font to be installed on that device.

On the other hand Unicode Malayalam fonts are based upon Universal Character Encoding assign to every character of Malayalam writing system. Unicode fonts are portable means it is not necessary that font must be install on the device you are using. Unicode standard is maintained by Unicode consortium. For use on Web world Unicode based Malayalam font is best.

How to type in ISCII Malayalam Font ?

To type in ISCII Malayalam font firstly you have to install the font in your system and than you can start typing by selecting the name of Malayalam font from drop down list of text editor (i.e. MS Word). You will see whatever you type is comes in Malayalam language characters.

How to Type in Unicode Malayalam Font ?

Typing in Unicode Malayalam font are different from ISCII font. If you installed a Unicode Malayalam font and select in MS word and start typing you will see English instead of Malayalam !! To type in Unicode Malayalam font you will need to install a Malayalam typing software.

There are many options and keyboards are available for type in Malayalam Unicode fonts:

1. English to Malayalam Transcription - It's the fastest and simplest method for Unicode Malayalam typing without practicing any keyboard. Just type with English keyboard and Get in Malayalam Unicode font. It's also know as Malayalam transliteration.

2. Malayalam Speech Typing - You can also type in Malayalam without keyboard. Just speak in mic and get your text typed in Malayalam language. Malayalam voice typing is the latest development for Malayalam typing with Unicode fonts.

3. Inscript Malayalam Typing - You can type online with virtual Malayalam Inscript Keyboard. Inscript Keyboards are official keyboard by Indian Government for typing in Indian scripts and languages.