Malayalam Alt Code Combination

How to Get Alt Code for Malayalam Font

In Malayalam Typing many    characters are not present on the keyboard, for type them we need some Alt+XXXX Code to type such a character. Actually the character generated with the combination of Alt and some numeric value the first digit is 0 after that 3 more digit combination it may be from 0 to 255.



It’s very simple to get Alt + Character on MS Word. In Malayalam Font each character is defined with a code. 

Steps to Get Malayalam Alt + Code in MS Word - 2007

Step 1:  To get such a special character code goes to the Insert Tab on MS- word and Find Symbol Option at the right most option in Insert Tab.



Step 2: Click On Symbol Option and then click on More Symbol As shown in the image:


Step 3: It will open the window Symbol as shown below:

Step 4: In font drop down box select the Malayalam font such ML-TTKarthika Font as  and change the from Drop down box to ASCII (decimal) as shown in image.  Now you will see the entire Character map of the font.  Now select the character you want to see this code, and See the Shortcut key: Alt+0185

Step 5: Now you can see the Alt code  for any Malayalam font character you want on the character map.